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Feb 16 2013

SEO traffic loss? Find out why

by Simone Luciani in SEO Tips with 0 Comments

Traffico in caloDid you experience a significant organic search traffic loss? Find out why with my 5-questions checklist.

1) Has the website been changed significantly?
2) Has the website been hacked?
3) Have you been hit by negative SEO?
4) Have you been hit by a Ranking Penalty?
5) Has there been an Algorithm update?

Take time to read my slides and study in depth how to answer each question.

Enjoy! Continue reading “SEO traffic loss? Find out why” »

Jan 15 2013

SMX London 2013 – Promotional Discount Coupon Code

by Simone Luciani in Digital Marketing Events with 0 Comments

The most important search marketing conference is back in London in May 2013 and Rankfirst will be there as an official Blog Partner, like we did in 2012!

For those that don’t know it yet, SMX is a Search Marketing conference for experiences digital marketing professionals with an inclination or interest in Search and Social Media Marketing.

If you want to attend, I have a special gift for you: a 15% promotional discount coupon code that you can use right away: “SWL13” .

Buy your SMX London ticket or read the agenda here.

If you aren’t able to attend sign up to my newsletter and you will receive a full update with photos and special articles about the event. Continue reading “SMX London 2013 – Promotional Discount Coupon Code” »

Jan 07 2013

How to get your site architecture right

by Simone Luciani in Usability with 0 Comments

I’ve been working a lot on site architecture on 2012, many companies like ever hired me to analyse and re-design website structures to improve usability and SEO.

I feel that businesses are understanding always more the importance of usability and “content visibility”, bringing SEO to a whole new level.

For this reason I thought it could be useful to write a few slides about it. I’ve been inspired by my favourite professional on this topic, Shari Thurow.

I love one of her comments about Information Architecture in SEO: Continue reading “How to get your site architecture right” »

Nov 06 2012

Sudden drops in bounce rate in google analytics

by Simone Luciani in Google Analytics with 3 Comments

Sudden Drop In Bounce Rates

Case Study: A sudden drop of the bounce rate in Google Analytics could be due to a technical issue.

Do you experience a sudden drop of bounce rates in Google Analytics? Before celebrating, try to understand if there could be a technical problem behind the anomalous data, or you might be fooled like me!

Last week I was working on the monthly reports and I was struggling to give a valid explanation to a strange uncommon bounce rate in my client’s google analytics profile. Continue reading “Sudden drops in bounce rate in google analytics” »

Sep 27 2012

Conversion Conference London 2012 – 15% Discount

by Simone Luciani in Digital Marketing Events with 0 Comments

Are you willing to achieve maximum ROI from your online campaigns? Then you can’t miss the Conversion Conference in London.

This conference is all about conversions where you can master the key topics of persuasion, best practice, hands on and testing & tools.

It’s also an opportunity to do some good networking. Rankfirst.info and Studio Web Luciani will partecipate as Blog Partners. Continue reading “Conversion Conference London 2012 – 15% Discount” »

Sep 26 2012

China has the most twitter users despite censorship

by Simone Luciani in Twitter with 0 Comments

Emarketer reported figures from GlobalWebIndex’s Social Platforms Report that shows almost 36 million chinese users were active on Twitter on the second quarter of this year.

This could look as a normal figure, but it’s not because Twitter in China is censured and blocked!

The UK is the first european country and sixth in the world for the number of Twitter active Users (6.6 millions).

GlobalWebIndex counted active users as those who had “used or contributed on Twitter at least once a month.” Continue reading “China has the most twitter users despite censorship” »

Sep 04 2012

qTranslate SEO with WordPress

by Simone Luciani in SEO on Wordpress with 3 Comments

I’ve been working on the SEO of a client’s WordPress website using the qTranslate plugin.

qTranslate is a very useful plugin that has an easy to use interface for managing a multilingual web site in the same control panel.

The only issue with this plugin is that it doesn’t allow you to do your onsite SEO. Many SEO plugins won’t work. I’ve tested SEO ultimate and SEO Yoast for WordPress with no luck. There are available some “homemade” patches that might work, but this is not the best solution.

I’ve solved my problems using the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin, which usually isn’t my first choice but in this case it’s the only one that does the trick! Continue reading “qTranslate SEO with WordPress” »

May 14 2012

Exclusive interview to Shari Thurow

by Simone Luciani in Digital Marketing Interviews with 0 Comments

I’m honoured to inaugurate the “Digital Marketing Interviews” series with one of the most important pioneers of the Digital Marketing industry, Shari Thurow. I hope you will enjoy and learn a lot from this interview at least as much as I did.

Successful and well known Search Marketing professional, top seller author of “Search Engine Visibility” and much more… how and when did you start to work in this industry?

I am one of the early birds…an SEO pioneer, so to speak. I started back in 1995. Continue reading “Exclusive interview to Shari Thurow” »

Apr 26 2012

What I will do to battle the Google’s Over-Optimisation Penalty in 5 Steps

by Simone Luciani in SEO Tips with 0 Comments

Oh yes, Google is changing the rules again, I’m sure you know about the Over-Optimisation issue that could effect your rankings, but if you still haven’t heard about it you can read some cool stuff here.

The news is that Google has officially announce the update taking place in the next days. You can read about it here. 

So it’s time to act! Here are my 5 steps advice to avoid a penalisation (especially if you did some hard SEO on your managed websites).

User experience will be my top list priority, as it will benefit SEO as well as the site’s success. This means: Continue reading “What I will do to battle the Google’s Over-Optimisation Penalty in 5 Steps” »

Apr 18 2012

E-mail marketing KPI’s

by Simone Luciani in Internet Marketing with 1 Comment

In web marketing there are several types of metrics that you can retrieve for any online campaign. Most of them are useless or not key metrics. The metrics that marketer really needs to know very well to track success are called KPI’s, key performance indicators.

This article wants to define which are the most important metrics to look at to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of an e-mail marketing campaign.

Let’s finally start looking into it.

To define the effectiveness of an e-mail marketing campaign you have to analyze 4 separate elements: the e-mail list, the e-mail subject line, the content of the e-mail and the landing page. Once done that you can give a final value to the entire campaign, and see where to take actions. Continue reading “E-mail marketing KPI’s” »

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