How to track multiple domains with Google Universal Analytics?

This can be a tough question. At least It has been for me before doing some research and testing several things.

In our agency we are used to work with international sites dealing with more than one domain. In some cases, we want to keep the data of 2 or more domains in one single report, cross tracking sites.

So to explain how to do it, I will assume that you want to cross-domain and subdomain track (e.g. have a visitor appear as a single visit and share cookie information across all sites.

Before you implement cross domain tracking, you should configure your Google Analytics property to ignore the destination domains as self-referrals through the admin section of the web interface.

Google Analytics recognises the URL you use to set up a new property in your account and automatically excludes this domain from your referral traffic, so you won’t see self-referrals in your Analytics reports.

However, you need to add the cross tracked domain to the exclusion list.

Here is how to do it:

Lets assume the web property is initially created for You need to cross track to

Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to a property. If you’re not in the settings screen, click Admin.
2. Click Tracking Info then Referral Exclusion List.
3. Enter and
4. Click Apply to save.

Once you have this, you will need to work on your tracking code.

For your tracking code, do the following, using the cross domain auto link method:

If you need to subdomain and cross-domain track between all domains/subdomains on & place the following tracking code before the closing tag
swapping out the UA# with your own from your account:

Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking

On (the other domain):

Place the following tracking code before the closing tag swapping out the UA# with your own from your account:

Google Analytics Cross domain tracking

The next step is to work on our filter settings in Google Analytics. Continue reading “How to track multiple domains with Google Universal Analytics?” »

Wordpress Speed

How to Speed up WordPress for SEO and users

I’m sure you have all experienced the frustration of not being able to reach the information you require as quickly as you want due to a slow loading website page, especially on a Smartphone or tablet device. How long until you give up?

Site speed is extremely important nowadays, not only to engage properly with users, but also for the SEO. Google has increased dramatically the importance of site speed in the algorithm, and a slow site will struggle with its rankings, especially in a competitive industry.

You can test your site speed using this free Google tool.

Today I will try to help you speed up your wordpress site, with my favourite plugins and optimisations. Continue reading “How to Speed up WordPress for SEO and users” »

SEO traffic loss? Find out why

Traffico in caloDid you experience a significant organic search traffic loss? Find out why with my 5-questions checklist.

1) Has the website been changed significantly?
2) Has the website been hacked?
3) Have you been hit by negative SEO?
4) Have you been hit by a Ranking Penalty?
5) Has there been an Algorithm update?

Take time to read my slides and study in depth how to answer each question.

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SMX London 2013 – Promotional Discount Coupon Code

The most important search marketing conference is back in London in May 2013 and Rankfirst will be there as an official Blog Partner, like we did in 2012!

For those that don’t know it yet, SMX is a Search Marketing conference for experiences digital marketing professionals with an inclination or interest in Search and Social Media Marketing.

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How to get your site architecture right

I’ve been working a lot on site architecture on 2012, many companies like ever hired me to analyse and re-design website structures to improve usability and SEO.

I feel that businesses are understanding always more the importance of usability and “content visibility”, bringing SEO to a whole new level.

For this reason I thought it could be useful to write a few slides about it. I’ve been inspired by my favourite professional on this topic, Shari Thurow.

I love one of her comments about Information Architecture in SEO: Continue reading “How to get your site architecture right” »

Sudden drops in bounce rate in google analytics

Sudden Drop In Bounce Rates

Case Study: A sudden drop of the bounce rate in Google Analytics could be due to a technical issue.

Do you experience a sudden drop of bounce rates in Google Analytics? Before celebrating, try to understand if there could be a technical problem behind the anomalous data, or you might be fooled like me!

Last week I was working on the monthly reports and I was struggling to give a valid explanation to a strange uncommon bounce rate in my client’s google analytics profile. Continue reading “Sudden drops in bounce rate in google analytics” »

Conversion Conference London 2012 – 15% Discount

Are you willing to achieve maximum ROI from your online campaigns? Then you can’t miss the Conversion Conference in London.

This conference is all about conversions where you can master the key topics of persuasion, best practice, hands on and testing & tools.

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China has the most twitter users despite censorship

Emarketer reported figures from GlobalWebIndex’s Social Platforms Report that shows almost 36 million chinese users were active on Twitter on the second quarter of this year.

This could look as a normal figure, but it’s not because Twitter in China is censured and blocked!

The UK is the first european country and sixth in the world for the number of Twitter active Users (6.6 millions).

GlobalWebIndex counted active users as those who had “used or contributed on Twitter at least once a month.” Continue reading “China has the most twitter users despite censorship” »

qTranslate SEO with WordPress

I’ve been working on the SEO of a client’s WordPress website using the qTranslate plugin.

qTranslate is a very useful plugin that has an easy to use interface for managing a multilingual web site in the same control panel.

The only issue with this plugin is that it doesn’t allow you to do your onsite SEO. Many SEO plugins won’t work. I’ve tested SEO ultimate and SEO Yoast for WordPress with no luck. There are available some “homemade” patches that might work, but this is not the best solution.

I’ve solved my problems using the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin, which usually isn’t my first choice but in this case it’s the only one that does the trick! Continue reading “qTranslate SEO with WordPress” »

Exclusive interview to Shari Thurow

I’m honoured to inaugurate the “Digital Marketing Interviews” series with one of the most important pioneers of the Digital Marketing industry, Shari Thurow. I hope you will enjoy and learn a lot from this interview at least as much as I did.

Successful and well known Search Marketing professional, top seller author of “Search Engine Visibility” and much more… how and when did you start to work in this industry?

I am one of the early birds…an SEO pioneer, so to speak. I started back in 1995. Continue reading “Exclusive interview to Shari Thurow” »