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SEO traffic loss? Find out why

Traffico in caloDid you experience a significant organic search traffic loss? Find out why with my 5-questions checklist.

1) Has the website been changed significantly?
2) Has the website been hacked?
3) Have you been hit by negative SEO?
4) Have you been hit by a Ranking Penalty?
5) Has there been an Algorithm update?

Take time to read my slides and study in depth how to answer each question.

Enjoy! Continue reading “SEO traffic loss? Find out why” »

What I will do to battle the Google’s Over-Optimisation Penalty in 5 Steps

Oh yes, Google is changing the rules again, I’m sure you know about the Over-Optimisation issue that could effect your rankings, but if you still haven’t heard about it you can read some cool stuff here.

The news is that Google has officially announce the update taking place in the next days. You can read about it here. 

So it’s time to act! Here are my 5 steps advice to avoid a penalisation (especially if you did some hard SEO on your managed websites).

User experience will be my top list priority, as it will benefit SEO as well as the site’s success. This means: Continue reading “What I will do to battle the Google’s Over-Optimisation Penalty in 5 Steps” »

Useless Link Building Techniques

Are you spending tons of £ and time in link building? Good, links are important, especially if they are quality links. But careful, many Web Marketers are wasting time and money with obsolete techniques which could harm more than help rankings.

I had the idea to write this article because I’m tired of seeing Indian Agencies, and not only them, propose link building packages that are useless and sometimes even harmful for websites.  So here is a list of the top 4 common useless link building techniques (almost all offered by self-styled indian agencies, and not only them): Continue reading “Useless Link Building Techniques” »

SEO Best practice for Paginated Pages after Panda

Image: luigi diamanti /

I’m going to answer to a tough question that I’ve responded on the Google Webmaster Forum today, that seems to harass many webmasters: “Are the paginated pages an issue with the Google Panda update?“.

The answer is “are you sure you want paginated pages to be indexed any ways?“. I know that it’s not polite to answer to a question with another question, but let me explain…

I’ve read a lot about this on blogs, Google’s official resources and forums and I never found a real “clarification” from Google but I have found some useful info that made me come with a conclusion. If a site has tons of “paging” pages with an important percentage of duplicated content (for example the introduction text, the headings, titles and meta descriptions) it could harm rankings if they are not excluded from the indexing process. The Panda update made this situation even clearer. Continue reading “SEO Best practice for Paginated Pages after Panda” »