Access Adwords with your Ipad or Iphone

Are you trying to access adwords from your iPad or Iphone with Safari but it crashes? It’s normal… or at least both Google and Apple are aware of the problem, and no, they haven’t found a solution yet!

The good news is that there is a good workaround to the problem. You can use the Mercury Browser, downloadable from iTunes for free (limited version with ads). The full ads-free version costs only 0,69£. This browser will let you access Adwords from your Ipad or Iphone with no issue.

I really hope this tip can help all those users who are despairing for this Safari issue… that hopefully one day will be resolved by Apple – or Google.

Currently I can’t figure out who is to blame for this problem, but I think it’s a shame that the world most sold tablet and mobile smartphone can’t access the world most famous advertising platform… a big issue for all Marketers that bought the iPad to work in mobility – like me.

Download Mercury Browser.


4 thoughts on “Access Adwords with your Ipad or Iphone

  1. sciatic

    This is really interesting. This should have a near immediate impact how businesses use adwords.

  2. Marcus Lee

    No – NOT WORKING with Mercury !!! like most Apple products, the iPad is made 4 private fun Not 4 Business purposes !!!

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