Google Image Search from referral to Organic in Analytics

During a routine analysis I found out that many websites that I manage have lost a significant amount of traffic from referrals sites despite the overall traffic is normal or in some cases even increasing. I had to investigate further and I found out that on the 22 of July Google Analytics deployed an important update effecting the way that “Google Images” searches are reported.

Before the update every Google Image Search was reported inside the referral section of Analytics, now it appears to be in the Search Engine section.

This means that you are likely to observe a “strange” increase of Google Search organic traffic and a decrease of referral traffic – good to know during the monthly scorecards evaluations…

To check this you can create a filter in the referral traffic section including only “google.images sites, you should notice a drop from n to 0 from the 22 of July, exactly like in the example below:

Click to open: Referral example in Analytics


2 thoughts on “Google Image Search from referral to Organic in Analytics

  1. simo

    nice post thanks :-) i confirm is happening also on my sites, with some massive changes for analysis … very strange they didn’t push an official communication

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