Google Pagerank disabled? Maybe not…

Today, Google appears to have disabled the PageRank database. Google Pagerank toolbars and online pagerank checkers are not working since this morning. It was working fine yesterday.

All pageranks are now NA or 0. (Read further before crying). 

To be honest, this was not going to change much in SEO if this news was true, as the Pagerank was a “dead” value and deleted from most experienced SEO’s KPI’s list.

The last confirmed pagerank update was 27 June 2011, after more than an year.

The first Google Toolbar with the PageRank value was introduced on the 11th of December 2000.

Google PageRank is still alive! Google has updated the URL which is used to query it, causing various toolbars and websites to stop reporting the value. Could have been a nice April Fools day joke… but we are far away from April!

Want to know more about the URL query change? Read more here .

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3 thoughts on “Google Pagerank disabled? Maybe not…

  1. Simone Luciani Post author

    Hi Adam,

    All SEO professionals with some good experience knows that the pagerank value isn’t important, for many reasons, since years now.

    One of the main reasons is that Google updates the value that we see very rarely. Before june, the last update was more than an year ago.

    Moreover, Pagerank isn’t a sure value anymore… and for sure not on my KPI’s list. Is it still in your list?

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