Annual Internet Marketing Plan: Few tips before starting

Internet Marketing PlanInternet Marketing Plans can be done in several ways. There is no “perfect template”. I think that every marketing professionals has it’s template and most of them work perfectly fine.

Said this, it’s important to understand that there are some elements of a plan that are fundamental and mandatory, and there are many things to consider in an internet marketing plan.

In this article I will try to outline the fundamental things that are needed in an Annual Internet Marketing Plan. This is my 6 step list:

1) Vision and Mission statement of the year of your business: Is it the same as last year or do we need to update it? This is probably already in the General Marketing Plan, but you should always have it there… including in your Internet Marketing Plan.

2) Define your niche market online, the products and services, and your competitors. Internet is a rapidly evolving environment, so if this is not the first Internet Marketing plan remember to analyse everything again and don’t relay on old data. Remember to create your detailed SWOT.

3) Create SMART objectives. (SMART= Specific, Measurable, Achievable,  Realist, Time Spicific).

4) Develop and plan the strategy considering all Internet channels.

5) Develop an Internet Marketing Calendar with a month by month schedule of Internet Marketing activities. (I sometimes use to develop this calendar quarterly and not annually)

6) Outline a “Control” Strategy. Learn how to measure your Internet Marketing efforts. Define your Key Performance Indicators in every channel used in your strategy.

Hope this will be useful.


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