E-mail marketing KPI’s

In web marketing there are several types of metrics that you can retrieve for any online campaign. Most of them are useless or not key metrics. The metrics that marketer really needs to know very well to track success are called KPI’s, key performance indicators.

This article wants to define which are the most important metrics to look at to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of an e-mail marketing campaign.

Let’s finally start looking into it.

To define the effectiveness of an e-mail marketing campaign you have to analyze 4 separate elements: the e-mail list, the e-mail subject line, the content of the e-mail and the landing page. Once done that you can give a final value to the entire campaign, and see where to take actions.

E-mail list – Are we talking to the right people?

The KPI’s that are related to the effectiveness of the e-mail list arebounce rate and opt-out rate.

Even if our e-mail list is built on a opt-in model, it could happen that users unsubscribe (opt-out). This could be for several reasons: newsletter off topic, dissatisfaction, not interested anymore on the product or service, and many other reasons.

If the average of opt-out is high, you should be worried and try to understand why, In any case, this could mean that the mailing list is not efficient.

The bounce rate is not a metric that is related to the content of a campaign, but on the e-mail addresses we have collected in our e-mail list database. The bounce is when the ISP of the users e-mail gives us an error.

The bounce rate could be soft bounce or hard bounce. Soft bounce means that the ISP of the  receiver returned to us with an error message, like e-mail box full. A hard bounce is when the e-mail address does not exist.

Knowing the rate of bounce could help us understand the e-mail list effectiveness. If the rate is high we should check which e-mails are not working and delete them, or they will only waste our resources.

E-mail subject line – How are we presenting ourself? 

The KPI to measure the effectiveness of E-mail subject line is only one: the open rate.

When a user receives our e-mail the first thing he is going to see before opening it is the subject line. If the open rate is low, it could mean that our subject line isn’t attracting the users attention.

Subject lines are one of those parts of the campaign that should have a special attention. You should test different solutions and see which one brings you to succeed.

Marketers nowadays are all focused on subject lines of e-mail campaigns, and sometimes they exaggerate with trying to attract users attention, so the result could be opposite to what aimed.

Be keen on finding good subject line solutions, but test a few and don’t be to “pushy”.

Content – Am I delivering the content they want?

The KPI to measure the effectiveness of content is the click through rate.

If the receiver is happy with the content of the e-mail and the offers proposed he will for shore click on  at least one link and visit the site.

The click through rate is very important, it could be considered a bit like the conversion rate in a search marketing campaign. A click on a link is our target!

If the click through rate is low, than of course we have a problem. Are we delivering the content to the right person? Is the content what they are looking for? Is our e-mail good enough to deserve a click from the user? The issue could be anywhere, so the analysis should be accurate.

Landing Page – Are we sending users to the right place?

The KPI to measure the effectiveness of content is the landing page bounce rate.

Are users clicking on a link in the e-mail, landing on the page and then bouncing out in a few seconds? Than you have a problem.

I always suggest to use dedicated landing pages designed according to the news letter when possible.

In any case, make sure links on the e-mail are relevant with the content on the landing page.

The landing page is very important, because it’s the first step towards a lead or a sale. If the bounce rate of the landing pages are high, you should analyze in dept the problem. Again, the problem can be anywhere, so spend good time on it.

Success of the e-mail campaign – Do we rock?

The KPI here is of course ROI. This is the KPI that you’re financial team or CEO will ask you. But when you analyze the success of your e-mail campaign always consider customer satisfaction and all the metrics above. Did you enhance engagement with your customers? This is what you want to know.

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  1. thahira

    Email marketing is guaranteed to get you more money with less investment than any other method you use for marketing and advertising. Open the line of communication to potential clients, get your message delivered to a large number of categorized email addresses. Dollars to donuts, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – email marketing is guaranteed to get you more money with less investment than any other method you use for advertising. How is that possible? Just simple common sense, Unlike advertising with Print media, Radio, and banners, advertising by email doesn’t leave you in doubt that someone is looking at it. When you send an email, you are basically sending a letter that is going into a mailbox that people check every day, and not just at their work place alone, rather now most of them have their iPhones, Androids, Black Berry, Smart Phones, and what not, people are CONSTANTLY checking their emails.

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