Good Bye David

Very sadly my Lecturer at The Institute of Direct Marketing, David Hughes, passed away during the night of October 19th.

David was a very talented and well known digital marketer and trainer. When I enrolled at the IDM I thought to know enough about Digital Marketing. But after his first lesson I understood I had lots to learn from him. I was a beginner compared to him.

He was such a good Tutor and his lessons were so easy to follow, as he dressed them with lots of humor and nice real case studies.

My first assignment was marked from him, and I still remember his words when he gave me back the Digital Marketing Plan for “Excellent job Simone” he said. I was so proud, because I knew that his opinion was very important.

I’m very grateful to him, for my achievements at IDM and for my knowledge that I built thanks to his lessons, tips and corrections on assignments.

David was a radiant person, with always a smile and a witty joke. He was a Guru of E-Mail Marketing. Goodbye David.

A memorial page has been set-up on Facebook here and we encourage all of you to share your thoughts for David’s family, friends and colleagues.


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