How to unlink a Google Analytics Account from Adwords

When Google Analytics changed the look and feel and layout i found it very difficult to find the way to unlink a Google Adwords account from an Analytics profile.

This is how to do it:

1. Sign in to your Analytics account as an administrator at
2. Click the admin link at the top right of any Analytics page. Continue reading “How to unlink a Google Analytics Account from Adwords” »

Google Pagerank disabled? Maybe not…

Today, Google appears to have disabled the PageRank database. Google Pagerank toolbars and online pagerank checkers are not working since this morning. It was working fine yesterday.

All pageranks are now NA or 0. (Read further before crying). 

To be honest, this was not going to change much in SEO if this news was true, as the Pagerank was a “dead” value and deleted from most experienced SEO’s KPI’s list.

The last confirmed pagerank update was 27 June 2011, after more than an year. Continue reading “Google Pagerank disabled? Maybe not…” »

Yahoo! and Bing alliance on Search ready start

Yahoo! has announced today that the Search alliance with Bing will start on the 3 of August. All Yahoo! organic results will be unified with Bing results in Italy, UK, France, Germany and Spain. The Paid search part will still be different for now until next update.

Yahoo! Site explorer will be shut down soon and all the webmaster issues (sitemap submission, link controls and more) can be managed through the Bing Webmaster Tools.

This is an epical revolution in the Search Industry, and for me the third of August will be a sad day.

In someway Yahoo! is the first victim of the excessive power of Google. The alliance with Bing looks more like a withdrawal from the Search Market War to me. I personally Continue reading “Yahoo! and Bing alliance on Search ready start” »

Google Image Search from referral to Organic in Analytics

During a routine analysis I found out that many websites that I manage have lost a significant amount of traffic from referrals sites despite the overall traffic is normal or in some cases even increasing. I had to investigate further and I found out that on the 22 of July Google Analytics deployed an important update effecting the way that “Google Images” searches are reported. Continue reading “Google Image Search from referral to Organic in Analytics” »

Access Adwords with your Ipad or Iphone

Are you trying to access adwords from your iPad or Iphone with Safari but it crashes? It’s normal… or at least both Google and Apple are aware of the problem, and no, they haven’t found a solution yet!

The good news is that there is a good workaround to the problem. You can use the Mercury Browser, downloadable from iTunes for free (limited version with ads). The full ads-free version costs only 0,69£. This browser will let you access Adwords from your Ipad or Iphone with no issue. Continue reading “Access Adwords with your Ipad or Iphone” »

SEO Best practice for Paginated Pages after Panda

Image: luigi diamanti /

I’m going to answer to a tough question that I’ve responded on the Google Webmaster Forum today, that seems to harass many webmasters: “Are the paginated pages an issue with the Google Panda update?“.

The answer is “are you sure you want paginated pages to be indexed any ways?“. I know that it’s not polite to answer to a question with another question, but let me explain…

I’ve read a lot about this on blogs, Google’s official resources and forums and I never found a real “clarification” from Google but I have found some useful info that made me come with a conclusion. If a site has tons of “paging” pages with an important percentage of duplicated content (for example the introduction text, the headings, titles and meta descriptions) it could harm rankings if they are not excluded from the indexing process. The Panda update made this situation even clearer. Continue reading “SEO Best practice for Paginated Pages after Panda” »

Google Shopper, a mobile failure

I have to start this article saying I’m very surprised of what I’m going to talk about today. I’m a very big Google fan as this incredible company nourishes my business as a SEM consultant and especially because Google changed the world, from many points of view. But when Google does it wrong… it’s wrong even if they are Google. Continue reading “Google Shopper, a mobile failure” »

How to Delete query parameters in Magento

How to Delete query parameters (_from_store) when switching store views in Magento

Every multi-language magento site installed with multi-stores will have the “_from_store” query string generated in every URL when changing a language (store) to another. This can be an SEO issue and sometimes be confusing when studying the web analytics. To avoid this problem, follow this 2 step guide:

1) Open the “languages.phtml” file. (The path should be: /app/design/frontend/default/template/page/switch/languages.phtml)

2) Find line 41 and change it from:

echo $_lang->getCurrentUrl()
to this:
echo $_lang->getCurrentUrl(false)

This small change will force the store model in Magento to generate these URLs without the query parameter. Continue reading “How to Delete query parameters in Magento” »

Tracking Facebook Pages traffic through Google Analytics

Facebook Google AnalyticsTracking Facebook pages traffic is very important, especially when those pages are used for marketing activities. The tools available inside Facebook, insights, is relatively poor in terms of data.

Fortunately there is a way to use google analytics on Facebook. At the moment Facebook is not allowing any tracking code in it’s FBML but there is a workaround that I have learned from a company in London called Webdigi, which I want to thank for it’s help.

Here is a quick guide.

Setup Google Analytics on your Facebook fan pages in 3 easy steps:

Instead of using javascript to include the google analytics code we have to use an image, as the FBML does not offer this possibility. In 3 steps: Continue reading “Tracking Facebook Pages traffic through Google Analytics” »

How to search in Google without the personalised results

Personalised SearchFor some quick analyses, SEO professionals need to disable the Google personalised results to analyse the “real” ranking of certain keywords.

Google gives you the option to disable the personalised results for all web searches, but sometimes this is too much. In most cases, I want to disable the customised results only for certain queries, useful for my SEO analysis.

There are to ways to disable the personalised results on the Continue reading “How to search in Google without the personalised results” »