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Feb 16 2013

SEO traffic loss? Find out why

by Simone Luciani in SEO Tips with 0 Comments

Traffico in caloDid you experience a significant organic search traffic loss? Find out why with my 5-questions checklist.

1) Has the website been changed significantly?
2) Has the website been hacked?
3) Have you been hit by negative SEO?
4) Have you been hit by a Ranking Penalty?
5) Has there been an Algorithm update?

Take time to read my slides and study in depth how to answer each question.


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  • simon: Hi, I have an issue with this plugin and qTranslate: Every time I update the sitemap the plugin automatically erases the other languages and leaves only the default language. This only happens in the general settings (title, description and keywords). For each post it works fine. any idea how I can fix this? thank you! View Post
  • ano: Gday! I am about to begin my own website and was wondering if you know where the best place to purchase a blog url is? I am not even sure if that's what its known as? (I'm new to this) I'm referring to "http://uk.rankfirst.info/seo-tips/useless-link-building-techniques/". How do I go about getting one of these for the website I'm building? Thank you View Post
  • Marco: Thanks! I noticed the sudden drop to under 1% for the last 2 weeks.. I knew this was impossible. This now makes sense I installed extra analytics code for social feeds a few weeks ago, it must be that. I would of searched for days and probably give up if not for this article! thanks again! View Post