Useless Link Building Techniques

Are you spending tons of £ and time in link building? Good, links are important, especially if they are quality links. But careful, many Web Marketers are wasting time and money with obsolete techniques which could harm more than help rankings.

I had the idea to write this article because I’m tired of seeing Indian Agencies, and not only them, propose link building packages that are useless and sometimes even harmful for websites.  So here is a list of the top 4 common useless link building techniques (almost all offered by self-styled indian agencies, and not only them):

1) Blog Comment “Spam”

As a blog owner, I would really want this to stop! I get more than 50 fake comments on this blog (Rankfirst) by site owners, with the sole purpose to “conquer” a link. Spammers, I have nofollow tags in blog post comments… and almost all blogs in the world uses no follows  tags in comment links. But this is not the only reason why this is useless and absolutely time consuming. Google has a “smart” algorithm and links in comments have very little or no value at all.

2)  Directory Submission

Just another time consuming and useless technique. Directories, most of them, have no value at all for Google. Links in directories are utterly useless and will not help you achieve more trust or better rankings. You may still find some “good” directories out there, but they are very rare, and surely you don’t need to submit your site to hundreds of directories, buying one of the many directory packages that you can find in the market.

3) Article Marketing and Press Releases

I still see many web masters and SEO experts spend hours of their time creating “low quality” articles and submitting them to hundreds of Article Marketing and Press release sites, to achieve a link with every article, most of the times enclosed in the article or at the end of the article. This is a useless  technique simply because article marketing websites and press releases sites are full of duplicated content. Most of these sites have been penalised by Google and almost all of them pass very low value or no value at all in links.

4) Submission to social bookmarking websites

Ridicules and time wasting technique. Don’t even think about it. Google will not count any of those links.

Do you think we should add more techniques to this list? Write them in the comments…

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