How to search in Google without the personalised results

Personalised SearchFor some quick analyses, SEO professionals need to disable the Google personalised results to analyse the “real” ranking of certain keywords.

Google gives you the option to disable the personalised results for all web searches, but sometimes this is too much. In most cases, I want to disable the customised results only for certain queries, useful for my SEO analysis.

There are to ways to disable the personalised results on the single query, and these are:

  1. Add “&pws=0″ parameter to your Google search URL
  2. Use Chrome browser,  and open new incognito window (default ctrl + Shift + N).

Easy enough I would say. Happy SEO.


3 thoughts on “How to search in Google without the personalised results

  1. Kristoffer

    Great tip! I didn’t know about the “&pws=0″ search and will put that to use.

    To expand on this, we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we want to see how the SERP’s look from other countries as well. I use a great little plugin for Firefox. It’s called Google Global and it lets you see the results from USA, UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.


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