3 Ideas for a Facebook Contest

Contests are a great tool to enhance user engagement and achieve fans. Here is a list of 3 nice ideas that could help accomplish these goals.

Idea 1: Hunting Contest

This is one of the most engaging contests, in my opinion. The contest consists in posting a small list of things that your fans must know about your brand searching on the website. For example: The year the brand was established, the name of the CEO, the cheapest product on the site… and other nice info.  The first person to list the answers correctly will win. You decide the award! It can be a voucher to spend on your e-commerce, a special gift or whatever you think can be appropriate.

This contest generates a high level of engagement because the users must research and learn more about your brand.

Idea 2: Best Caption Contest

This contest is another nice and engaging idea that could be considered funnier to do than the first one.  It consists in posting funny pictures that have a specific theme. For example, it could be pictures with the brand written somehow on the body… or other funny things. It’s all up to you imagination! Who should win the contest? The picture with more likes, of course!

This contest is easy to carry out.  The awards could be again vouchers, merchandising products or whatever you think is suitable.  Just remember that it should be something that attracts users to enter the contest!

Idea 3: The Story Teller Contest

This contest could result a bit more difficult to understand and to carry out, but it’s very interesting. It consists in finding a couple or more images and ask your users to comment them with a little story that can tie them together. Who wins? The story with more likes! This type of contest is probably suitable for certain types of industries. For example it’s perfect for a professional photographer or an agency.

Those are just 3 of the many ideas that could create a very engaging contest. Remember, the objectives of a contest are mainly 2: User engagement and Branding.

You should consider starting a facebook contest when you have at least 500 fans, otherwise the result could be no participation! No participation could also create a very bad impression with your facebook fans.

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