Tracking Facebook Pages traffic through Google Analytics

Facebook Google AnalyticsTracking Facebook pages traffic is very important, especially when those pages are used for marketing activities. The tools available inside Facebook, insights, is relatively poor in terms of data.

Fortunately there is a way to use google analytics on Facebook. At the moment Facebook is not allowing any tracking code in it’s FBML but there is a workaround that I have learned from a company in London called Webdigi, which I want to thank for it’s help.

Here is a quick guide.

Setup Google Analytics on your Facebook fan pages in 3 easy steps:

Instead of using javascript to include the google analytics code we have to use an image, as the FBML does not offer this possibility. In 3 steps:

  • Setup your Google Analytics account and create a new website profile. Usually it’s easier to name it something like Get your tracking code that you will need in the second step.
  • Add the entire custom image html tag from step 2 to the bottom of each Facebook fan page that you need to track.

That’s it! Remember that Google analytics is not real-time so give it some time to get the data. Usually 24 hours is enough.

Hope this helps.

Update: Some of you asked me if it’s possible to track facebook walls and “default” sections not created with FBML. The answer is unfortunately no! Since Facebook removed boxes, there is no other way to track these parts. But the good news is that you can add a FBML page as the default landing page. That way you can track access to you page, even if the user doesn’t use the wall!


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