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Ad Location Extensions with Google Adwords

If you are managing an Adwords Campaign for a local business you might want to consider the feature of Local Extensions to create effective local ads enriched with additional information such as address and phone number.

With this feature it’s possible to target multiple locations within the same campaign. Lets see this in an example:

Pretend to be the Search Marketing Manager of an Indian Restaurant Chain. You have 3 restaurants in the UK to market. One is in London, on in Manchester and the last one in Liverpool.
With Adwords you can set up a local campaign and add your tree addressees in the “Ad Extensions Tab” that you will have to activate from “Settings”. You can add the Addresses manually or using your Google Places Submissions.

The Google Adwords Algorithm will show the correct Local Extension in the Ads depending on the users query (for instance Indian Restaurant London) and IP. For this reason you can use the same Ads for all your locations, Google will do the rest for you!

Usually Ad Locations extensions are used at the Campaign Level, but in some particular situations you might want to manage ads addresses’ individually. This is useful when you want to target a specific promotion in a specific address.

Let’s pretend that you have a special promotion on the London Indian Restaurant and you want to ensure that the London Address appears with a specific ad copy linked to a specific landing page explaining the promotion. In this case you will need to edit your ad and click on “always show with one address” and select the address you want to link to that particular ad.

Video that explains Ad Location Extensions


I have used this feature for some clients that were interested in expanding the local engagement, which has resulted is an improved Click Through Rate. It is also much easier to manage campaigns with hundreds of different addresses, without having to create an Ad group for each location!

In other words, it’s the perfect tool for a local strategy with Adwords.