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E-commerce in Italy: 5 reasons why to do it

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, one of my missions is to help e-commerce expand in new markets. Of course as an Italian I’m usually hired by companies that want to enter the Italian market. But why should a UK firm look into the “Bel Paese” market?

Here is a list of 5 reasons why Italy can be a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce companies that want to expand overseas.

1) Italy is the fourth country in EU for users connected online

Italians are connected! Italy has more than 30 million active users (June 2010) and this data is the fourth largest in EU.

The top 7 countries in EU for number of active users online are:

  1. Germany 65.1 M
  2. UK 51.4
  3. France 44.6 M
  4. Italy 30 M
  5. Spain 29.1 M
  6. Poland 15.3 M
  7. Netherlands 14.9

This means the market is huge and is always growing at impressive rates.

2) Italy is the 7th biggest economy in the world

Even if all Europe was seriously hit by the economy turn-down things are getting better day after day and Italy is one of the countries that is reacting better to the crisis. It’s still not “gold time” and probably it will not be for a long time, but the market is mature for online businesses.

Italy is the 7th economy of the world and the 4th in the EU very close to the United Kingdom. The buying power is one of the strongest in Europe and very similar to the UK’s. Continue reading “E-commerce in Italy: 5 reasons why to do it” »