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Google Instant Search goes live

Google Instant Search is now live on web in USA, UK, Italy, Germany and France, after a test on selected users in the US with great user experients results.

This is great news for all Google users because this feature has 3 big benefits:

  1. Faster Searches
  2. Smarter Predictions
  3. Instant Results

Faster Searches

According to Google, with Instant Search users can save up to five second per search because while you type your query the search engine will generate instant results that can be already relevant.

Smarter Predictions

The new feature will guide users through searching, so even if you are not sure what you are looking for you will have suggestions and results as soon as you start typing.

Instant Results

Start typing and get instant results without even finishing the word or the phrase you have in mind!

I found some articles of SEO experts wondering about how all this will change Search Engine Optimization. In my opinion it will not effect at all SEO. This feature will improve user experience but results generated are always the same – calculated on page relevancy and trust of the site.

As a user I’m very happy about this new invention made in Google. As a Search Marketing Expert I’m not concerned at all. SEO will always be the same, content quality and trust will remain the king.

Video on the Google Instant Search

How to switch off Google Instant Search?

You can toggle it on or off to the right of the search box. Very easy! You can also switch off this feature from the Google Search settings.