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How to request a third party trademark use authorization in Google Adwords

trademarkI hope to help lot’s of advertisers with this article. I was looking for this type of information for quite a bit, and only when I had a chat with Google I found it.

I have a client that has the authorization to use a trademark name inn any advertising media and he was quite annoyed that he couldn’t use it in Google Adwords. Google since a few years blocks completely all trademark names in both keywords and ads. It’s hard to have this unblocked even if there is a written authorization by the trademark owner.

The benefit in using a well known brand sometimes can become fundamental, and some companies are keen to use trademarks in Adwords.

If you have a representative in Google you should have no problem, all you have to do is ask him to open a trademark authorization request and send him all the paper work that proves the trademark use authorization. That was simple and fast for me.

But as I said before, only big advertisers and some SEM / Digital Marketing Agency have this privilege of a representative to talk with in Google. I had to become a qualified agency to have a a Google Man that helps me with my clients.

So for those that needs to solve this issue without help – there is a way! All you have to do is fill up an online form (was impossible to find it without someone telling me – but maybe I was just not good enough in searching): https://services.google.com/inquiry/aw_tmauth

The form is quite long, but this is the only way to have a “pretty” fast reply.

Google has provided also an e-mail address for trademarks problems.

If you would prefer to submit your authorization by mail, you have to provide the same information asked in the form linked above via email: ads-trademarks@google.com

Hope this helps! But if you need advice on Google Adword feel free to contact me at http://www.studiowebluciani.com/en/contact-seo.html