Google Shopper, a mobile failure

I have to start this article saying I’m very surprised of what I’m going to talk about today. I’m a very big Google fan as this incredible company nourishes my business as a SEM consultant and especially because Google changed the world, from many points of view. But when Google does it wrong… it’s wrong even if they are Google.

I’m talking about the iPhone application Google Shopper, an incredible and very useful idea, but completely useless to many users that are complaining badly on iTunes.

Before writing this post I wanted to check if the feedbacks left from the users of Google Shopper App were true or not, and unfortunately they are! The app crashes all the times on iPhone 4 and on iPad!

A screenshot of iTunes App Store

And other customer comments:

There are 3 pages of negative comments on the app store which you can see here or directly on iTunes.

Now my question is, how can a such big company like Google, the same company that has revolutionized the world,  launch in the market an app that is completely unusable for many users and even worst, how can Google not listen to its customers feedbacks? I would have expected that the app would have been suspended from the App store for a while trying to release a more reliable version. That would have been a much more professional move.

I don’t think that this bad move is going to spoil it’s mobile market, but for sure it will help decrease a bit the overall brand reputation, especially on Apps for mobile.

What are your thoughts on this?

I must say again, I’m surprised and a bit disappointed. Maybe mobile market isn’t that important for them? I leave it to your thinking…


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