Yahoo! and Bing alliance on Search ready start

Yahoo! has announced today that the Search alliance with Bing will start on the 3 of August. All Yahoo! organic results will be unified with Bing results in Italy, UK, France, Germany and Spain. The Paid search part will still be different for now until next update.

Yahoo! Site explorer will be shut down soon and all the webmaster issues (sitemap submission, link controls and more) can be managed through the Bing Webmaster Tools.

This is an epical revolution in the Search Industry, and for me the third of August will be a sad day.

In someway Yahoo! is the first victim of the excessive power of Google. The alliance with Bing looks more like a withdrawal from the Search Market War to me. I personally was a user of Yahoo! Search and somehow liked it especially for it’s usability. I think that at some points Yahoo! was challenging Google with some good innovations… but unfortunately this hasn’t been enough.


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